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User Group Breakdowns

User Group Content Administrators

This gives you access to the content of the site. Administrators are able to edit, delete and modify all pages, files and their content. They can hide or unhide pages, add images and control when pages should transfer from drafts to published.

Extra Feature Administrators 

 Within this permission group users will have access to the tools tab. The tools tab gives users access to banners, Context Groups, Quick Links, reports etc.

Ezine Administrators

These administrators control and edit the electronic notifications that appear on the website. They decide where ezine items need to be placed and their content.

Group Administrators

They can create new users and assign users to the various groups. Users assigned to a group are limited to the capabilities of that group e.g a location operator cannot edit blog content as that is thr role of a content administrator.

Location operators

These operators are able to access to the locations tab and arrange the site structure. They can delete locations, order the sublocations and edit the type and template of a location.

System Administrators

These administrators have access to every tool in the CMS. They can modify & edit any aspect in the CMS. They have the ‘super-admin’ view.