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Adding / Editing Footer Quicklinks

Adding & Editing Footer Quicklinks

In order to edit Quicklinks at the bottom of pages, in other words 'Footer Quicklinks', first select 'Quicklinks' from the 'Tools' dropdown menu in the navigation bar.


Depending on your CMS, you'll have a number of Quicklink types to select from.

For this example, we'll select the 'Contact Footer' Quicklink.


To add a new Quicklink item:

Select 'New item'.

Edit the text, the URL the Quicklink should point to and so on.

Be sure to Add 'Home' or '/' to the 'Apply to Fullpaths' option at the bottom if the Quicklink should appear on all pages on the site.

Select 'Save' when finished.


To edit an existing Quicklink item:

Select the Quicklink item from the menu.

Make any changes necessary, such as the text, the location that the URL points to, etc.

Select 'Save' when finished editing.


See more guides on Tools.