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Build New Form

Step 1: Build a Form

To build a new form, go to ‘Tools’ in the navigation bar and select ‘pTools Forms Application’.

This will bring you to the Forms Tool Dashboard, where you can build a new form, or edit an existing one.

To build a new form, select ‘Create Form’.


1. Form Details – Edit the title, description & some more advanced features of your form.

2. User Rights - Edit the form owners and who has access to the form’s reports.

3. Form Builder – Edit the form’s content. Navigate between different types of answer options, such as plain text box, checkboxes, upload a file, etc.

4. Form Builder – Text validation can be used to restrict answers to a certain format (e.g. phone numbers must be in number format, etc.)

5. Preview – See what your form will look like on your site.

6. Reports – View and filter the form’s responses. To export responses to an Excel spreadsheet, select ‘Export to Excel’.

Watch the video below for a short guide on building a new form using the Forms tool.

Step 2: Collect Responses