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Search for a Page

Finding a Page

To find a page in the CMS, hover your mouse over 'Search' and select ‘Pages’.


You should now see the 'Search' section of the CMS.

In order to perform a search, fill in the fields on the left hand side and select the 'Search' button below.

You do not need to fill in every field on the search form, but you will gain more accurate results by filling in more parameters.

 Click 'Search'.

The CMS will now begin searching for pages using the criteria you've entered on the search form.

Once complete, it will display the files in a list on the centre of the page.

Simply select a file from the list to begin editing. 


Watch the video below for a short tutorial on searching for Pages.

Can't find the Page? It could have been deleted accidentally - try the Recycle Bin tool.

See more guides on Search.