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Page Dates

Publication & Expiration Dates

The publication date, or 'publish' date, is the day that the page in question was published on your site.

This can be changed to make a page appear newer for SEO purposes or to assist in arranging pages on your site.

The expiration date of a page is the date that a page will automatically become unpublished on your site.

These can both be found in the 'Basic details' section of the page.

First, select 'Pages' on the navigation bar. Then, using the 'Site Structure' sidebar on the LHS, navigate to the location in which your page is located. Select the relevant page. 


Go to the 'Basic details' section. Scroll down to 'Dates', where the publication and expiration dates can be found and edited. 


Watch the video below for a short tutorial on editing the publication/expiration dates of pages.

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