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The Basics

The Basics: Fonts, Text Alignment, Lists, etc.

The pTools CMS allows for flexible page editing on your site.

Use the tools in the 'Content' section of pages to build clear, engaging pages.

Here's some of the basics:

• Fonts:

There are 6 different font sizes within the page editor, 'Paragraph' being the small, basic text. 

Choose from the the 'Paragraph' or 'Formats' dropdown menus within the page content editor to select a font size that suits.


Text Alignment:

Align content on a page using the 'Alignment' or 'Indent' buttons within the page content editor.

The 'Alignment' buttons (highlighted in yellow) allow you to Align Left, Right, Center, or Justify.

The 'Indent' buttons can be useful too (highlighted in red) - Increase indent or Decrease indent.


Numbered/Bulleted Lists:

Useful for separating content clearly, bulleted or numbered lists can be found in the page content editor.


See more guides for editing Pages.