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Insert a Link to a File on a Page

Adding a Link to a File on a Page

To insert a link to a file on a page - image, PDF, Excel spreadsheet, or any other file format - first select 'Pages' on the navigation bar.

Using the 'Site Structure' sidebar, navigate to the relevant location and select the page in which you would like to insert the link to the File.


In the 'Content' section of the selected page, select 'Edit'.

Add some text in the page's content to link the file to; for example: 'Click here to see the file'.

Next, highlight this text and select the 'Insert link to file' icon (highlighted in the image below).


Select the file you wish to insert a link to from the 'File Library' menu, and select 'Insert'.

If the file hasn't been uploaded yet, simply navigate to the 'Upload a file' tab (next to File Library) and choose a file.

Navigate back to 'File Library' once this is complete, and your file will have been added.

Select the file and click 'Insert'.


Don't forget to hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page when you're finished!

Watch the video below for a short tutorial on inserting a link to a file on a page.

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