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Draft Pages

Saving a Page as a Draft

To save a page as a draft before publishing it live to your site, follow the steps above for 'Creating a New Page'.

However, when finished editing, change the setting at the bottom of the page so it reads 'Save to draft folder' as opposed to 'Publish'.

Select 'Save'.


Publishing a Draft Page

To find a draft page, first select 'Pages' on navigation bar.

Use the 'Site Structure' sidebar on the LHS to select to the location in which your page exists.

Tick the 'Draft' checkbox to include draft pages in the list of pages within the selected location.


This page can then be published by changing the setting at the bottom of the page so it reads 'Publish' as opposed to 'Save to draft folder'.

Finally, click 'Save' to complete the publishing. 


Resetting a Published Page to a Draft

To unpublish a page without deleting it, you can reset it to a 'Draft' page.

Follow the same steps as above to find and select the relevant page, and select 'Unpublish' beneath the navigation bar. 


To view / edit the unpublished page, the 'Unpublished' checkbox must be included beneath the navigation bar (see image). 


See more guides on Pages.