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There is a variety of Tools on the CMS to help you effectively manage and build your site.

Here are some guides for using Tools on your CMS:

Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin tool can be found by clicking the pTools icon in the top left corner of the CMS, and navigating to the bottom of the pop-up menu.


The Recycle Bin can be used to recover any deleted items, while detailing the time, date and user associated with the deleted item.


  1. Name of the item that was deleted.

  2. Type of item that was deleted (i.e. Page, Location, File, etc.)

  3. Time and date the item was deleted.

  4. User responsible for the deleted item.

  5. To restore the item to where it was originally, select ‘View details’, then ‘Restore’.

For a video tutorial about using the Recycle Bin, click here.

Forms Tool

To build a new form, go to ‘Tools’ in the navigation bar and select ‘pTools Forms Application’. This will bring you to the Forms Tool Dashboard, where you can build a new form, or edit an existing one. To build a new form, select ‘Create Form’.


  1. Form Details – Edit the title, description & some more advanced features of your form.

  2. User Rights - Edit the form owners and who has access to the form’s reports.

  3. Form Builder – Edit the form’s content. Navigate around different types of answer options, such as plain text box, checkboxes, upload a file.

  4. Form Builder – Text validation can be used to restrict answers to a certain format (e.g. phone numbers must be in number format, etc.)

  5. Preview – See what your form will look like on your site.

  6. Reports – View and filter the form’s responses. To export responses to an Excel spreadsheet, select ‘Export to Excel’.

Once you have finished building your form, go to ‘Pages’ in the navigation bar. Select the page which you would like the form to be on. In the ‘Basic Details’ tab, scroll down to ‘Page Tools’ and select your form. Don’t forget to save your changes at the bottom of the page.


Click here for tutorials on building new forms, adding them to pages, and viewing their reports. 

Collaboration Tool

To collaborate with another user/group on a page, go to 'Pages' on the navigation bar. At the bottom of the page, select the 'Collaborate' button. 


Next, select the individual users or groups you would like to collaborate with on the page in question. Use the filter to simplify the process.


For a video tutorial about using the Collaboration tool, click here.

Reports - Site Analytics

To view the analytics for your site, hover over 'Tools' on the navigation bar. Hover over 'Reports', then select 'Site analytics' from the menu. 


Here you will find statistics such as the number of visitors to your site, the number of pageviews, and so on.

For a video tutorial about viewing your site's report, click here.

URL Rewriter

Setting a URL to automatically redirect to another URL can be useful if you want to use a URL that's shorter and easier to remember. To do this, hover over 'Tools' on the navigation bar. Select 'URL Rewriter' from the drop-down menu. Next, select the 'Add Url' button.


Insert the URL you would like traffic to be redirected to and from - 'To Url' should be the actual URL of the page, 'From Url' should be the new, shortened version of the URL. The picture below is an example. 



Some video tutorials for effectively using Tools on your site can be found here.

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