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The Basics

The Basics

Pages hold the content (headings, paragraphs, images, videos, etc.) of your site. Some templates can cater for multiple pages in a single location, such as 'News' or 'Bio' templates. Others may not require pages at all, for example 'Landing' and 'Homepage' templates. You can refer to the template manual (created and sent to you during UAT) to see the selection of templates available for your site.

Here's some guides for managing Pages on your CMS:

Creating New Pages

To create a new page, go to 'Pages' on the navigation bar. Then, using the Site Structure menu on the LHS, select the location in which you would like to add the new page and select 'New'.


In the 'Basic details' tab, give the new page a title and alternate title - selecting selecting 'Get suggested' will automatically create a URL so that the full path of the page is defined. Scroll down further in the 'Basic details' tab to add a thumbnail for the page, utilize page tools such as forms, polls, and so on. Learn more about editing the basic details of a page here.


Need more help? Click here for a video tutorial about creating new pages.

To add to / edit a page's content (text, images, etc.), see the next section of the accordion. 

Editing Page Contents

Pages are used to store the content to a site. Images and files can be uploaded to locations and then related or embedded to these pages. 

To add content to a page, go to 'Pages' on the navigation bar. Find the page you want to edit in the 'Site Structure' menu on the LHS, and select it.


Navigate to the 'Content' section of the page, where you will be able to add different types of text, files and media. Click 'Edit' below the navigation bar, or the red button highlighted in the image below, to begin editing.


Once finished, select 'Save' at the bottom of the page. 

Click here to see how to add different types of content to a page. 

Or try watching some video tutorials for adding content!

Moving Pages to Other Locations

To move a page to another location, select 'Pages' on the navigation bar. In the site structure sidebar, find the page you want to move by selecting its current location. Click on the page you want to move and select 'Move' under the navigation bar. 


Next, select the location where you would like to move the selected page to. Click 'Done' when finished.


Need more help? Click here for a video tutorial about moving pages.

Copying Pages

To make a copy of a page, select 'Pages' on the navigation bar. Using the 'Site Structure' sidebar, navigate to the relative location and select the page you wish to copy. Select 'Copy' beneath the navigation bar. 


On the pop-up menu, choose the location where you want the new page to be and select 'Done'.


Need more help? Click here for a video tutorial about copying pages.

Deleting Pages

To delete an unwanted page, select 'Pages' on the navigation bar. Using the 'Site Structure' sidebar on the LHS, find the relative location and choose the unwanted page. Select the 'Delete' button beneath the navigation bar to remove the page from the CMS. 


Didn't mean to delete a page? Don't worry. The Recycle Bin tool can be used to recover pages/files/locations that are deleted accidentally.

Video tutorial for deleting pages coming soon!

Preview a Page Before Publishing

To preview a page before publishing any changes you have made, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and select the 'Preview' button. Once you are satisfied with your changes, select 'Save'. 


Click here to see a video tutorial about previewing pages before publishing them. 

Saving a Draft Page

To save a page as a draft before publishing it live to your site, follow the steps above for 'Creating a New Page'. However, when finished editing, change the setting at the bottom of the page so it reads 'Save to draft folder' as opposed to 'Publish', and select 'Save'.


Publish a Draft Page / Unpublish a Page

To find a draft page, first select 'Pages' on navigation bar. Use the 'Site Structure' sidebar on the LHS to select to the location in which your page exists. Tick the 'Draft' checkbox to include draft pages in the list of pages within the selected location. This page can then be published by changing the setting at the bottom of the page so it reads 'Publish' as opposed to 'Save to draft folder'. Finally, click 'Save' to complete the publishing. 


To unpublish a page without deleting it, follow the same steps as above to find and select the relevant page, and select 'Unpublish' beneath the navigation bar. 


To view / edit the unpublished page, the 'Unpublished' checkbox must be included beneath the navigation bar (see image). 


Video tutorials for publishing and unpublishing pages coming soon!


Click Here for More Advanced guides on pages.

Click Here to see guides for editing page content.

Some video tutorials for effectively managing your site's Pages, can be found here.

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