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The Basics


Different types of files can be uploaded to the CMS, such as images, videos, pdfs, etc. These can then be added to a page's content so they can be visible on the site.

Here's some guides for managing Files on your CMS:

Uploading a File

To upload a single file, go to the 'Files' tab on the navigation bar. On the 'Site Structure' menu on the LHS, choose the location where you would like the file to be uploaded to, then select 'New'. 


This will bring you to where you can upload a file of your choice. Either select 'Upload a file' or drag and drop a file to the 'Drop files here' section.


Files, such as images, can then be embedded into a page's content. Files, such as documents and pdfs, can be added to a page using the ‘Related’ tab or the ‘Internal links’ icon in the content editor.

Need more help? Click here for a video tutorial about uploading individual files to your CMS.

Uploading Multiple Files at Once

To upload multiple files at once, i.e. perform a "batch upload", hover over 'Files' on the navigation bar and select 'Batch Upload' from the drop-down menu.


Next, select the location in which you would like to put the files before uploading them. To view files in each location go to 'Files' on the navigation bar and then select the location in the site structure list. You will then be able to upload files by selecting 'Upload a file' or by dragging and dropping them.


Need more help? Click here to see a video tutorial on uploading multiple files at once to your CMS (batch upload).

Moving Files

To move a file, select 'Files' on the navigation bar. Using the site structure sidebar, find the file you would like to move within the relevant location. Select the file, and click 'Move' under the navigation bar. 


Next, choose the location in which you would like to move this file to. Select 'Done' once finished.


Video tutorials for moving files in your CMS coming soon!

Deleting Files

To delete a file from your CMS, first select 'Files' on the navigation bar. Then, using the 'Site Structure' sidebar on the LHS, navigate to the location in which the file exists. Select the file which is no longer needed, and click 'Delete'.


If a file is deleted by mistake, the Recycle Bin is a useful tool for recovering files.

Video tutorial for deleting files within your CMS coming soon!

Inserting a Link to a File on a Page

To insert a link to a file on a page - a pdf or excel spreadsheet for example - first select 'Pages' on the navigation bar. Using the 'Site Structure' sidebar, navigate to the relevant location and select the page that you would like to add a link to a file. 


In the 'Content' section of the selected page, select 'Edit' and add some text in the page's content to link the file to. For example: 'Click here to see the file'. Next, highlight this text and select the 'Insert file' icon (highlighted in the image below).


Select the file you wish to insert a link to from the 'File Library' menu, and select 'Insert'. If the file hasn't been uploaded yet, simply navigate to the 'Upload a file' tab (next to File Library) and choose a file. Navigate back to 'File Library' once this is complete, and your file will have been added. Select the file and click 'Insert'.


Don't forget to hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page when you're finished!

Need more help? Click here to see a video tutorial on inserting a link to a file on a page. 


Click Here for more advanced guides on Files.

Some video tutorials on effectively managing Files on your site can be found here.

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