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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common queries our clients have in relation to the CMS. 

What does the error '404 - File or directory not found' mean?

The error you will receive is below, this is due to the URL not being valid.


There are a number of reasons why this occurs, and is related to an invalid location, page or file.

Reasons include:

  • The item was deleted.
  • The item has expired.
  • The item's URL was changed - moved location or manually edited.

Use the 'Search' function to find your item.

Maybe it was deleted? Check your Recycle Bin. 

I forgot my password

Contact your admin and ask them to reset your password for you.

Your admin should select 'Users' on the navigation bar. Find the user whose password you wish to change. (Help for quickly finding a User)

After selecting the user, simply enter the new password and re-type it to change it. Don't forget to click 'Save'.

A page that still exists on the CMS is no longer showing on the live site. Why?

There is a chance that this page has expired. In the CMS, open the Basic Details section of the page. Open the Dates section and check the Expiry Date. If this date is set to a date in the past, this is why the page is no longer appearing.

To change this you will need to click Edit in the top right hand corner > Change the date > Click Save in the bottom right hand corner.

Alternatively, the page may have been hidden.

Again, in the basic details of the page you will see a Hidden toggle. If this is turned on the page has been hidden and this is why it is no longer showing on the site.

Simply click Edit > Turn the toggle off > Save, and the page will re-appear.

I have created a form using the forms tool. How do I add it to a page?

A full guide on how to use the Forms Tool can be found here.

How do I add a Google Map to a page?

Open up the Content section of the page you wish to add your map to.

Select the Insert/edit media button (see below)

Navigate to the Embed Tab

Next open Google Maps, and search the location you wish to add a map of. Once you have found your location, click Share.


Once you have clicked share, click Embed a Map and then Copy HTML


Once you have copied the HTML, return to the CMS and paste into the Embed box which we opened previously, click OK.

Once you are happy with the map now on your page, click Save in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

How do I update banners?

First, hover over 'Tools' on the navigation bar. Select 'Banners' from the drop-down menu.

The side-menu lists a selection of the items contained in the banner. When a user selects an item in the Banner Items list, they are presented with a text or image editor interface. This depends on the banner type chosen for that banner (see Banner Type).

The template manual will tell you which type of banner to choose and what to edit or create to see the result on the output.

See more guides on using Tools.

How do I add a YouTube / Vimeo video to a page?

To embed a YouTube or Vimeo video into a page's content, first upload the video to YouTube/Vimeo, then follow our guides to embedding videos.

I can't find a page, file or user.

The 'Search' function can be useful for finding a page or file on your CMS - especially when there's a lot of them to sift through. Finding users within the CMS can be tricky too sometimes, but you won't need the 'Search' function for this.

Here's some guides for finding items within the CMS.

I accidentally deleted a location, page or file.

The Recycle Bin is a useful tool if you happen to delete a location, file, or a page.

Here's some guides for using the Recycle Bin.

I made a change, but it is not showing up on the live site.

Normally, standard caching can take up to 15 minutes.

If a change has still not updated after this time a hard refresh may be needed. To do this, first select 'Locations' in the navigation bar.

From the 'Site Structure' menu on the LHS, select 'Home'.

In the summary of this location you can add a blank space and save. This will update the cache.

You can also try CTRL + F5 on the live site and clear your local browser cache to see if the change has been reflected on the live site.

We have a new user, how do I set them up with an account?

Go to ‘Users’ on the navigation bar and select ‘New’ on the left-hand side (just below the navigation bar).

Fill in the basic details of the user, then choose the groups you would like to assign them to (optional), as well as their workflow rights.

Here's a guide for setting up a new User.

Multi Factor Authentication?

This is an additional layer of user / data security for logging into accounts.

pTools now have 2Factor Authentication available for use on your CMS.

This can be used with Google and Microsoft Authenticator.

There is no major user experience differences between Google and Microsoft authentication.

When enabled all users within the CMS will be required to use this feature.

This will all only be available through mobile phone application authentication and emails will not be supported.

Still having trouble? Ask us a question.