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Site Reports

Viewing Site Analytics / Statistics

Using the Site Reports tool is an easy way to get an insight into your site's traffic. These statistics are linked directly with Google Analytics & are easily accessible within the CMS.

Analysing these reports will help you see the most visited pages, where visitors are coming from, top search terms & more.

To view your Site Report, first hover over 'Tools' in the navigation bar.

Hover over 'Site Reports' and select 'Site analytics'.


In the top right corner, adjust the date range for the relevant period.

In the first section, you can toggle between 'Visitors' (Users) and 'Pageviews', which gives you an idea about the amount of traffic on your site. 


Scroll further down the page to find statistics such as Top Content, Top Referrers, and more.

Analysing your site's top keywords shows you the phrases people are using to find your site via search engines - Google, Yahoo, etc. -  and allows you to optimize content to include more of these keywords & help to boost traffic.

To access your Search Keyword report, first select 'Internal output stats' in the 'Reports' menu on the LHS.

From the drop-down menu, select 'Search Keyword'.


This will show you a list of your site's top keywords, the number of times this keyword was used, and so on.

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